Our Services

At Stern Consultants, we understand that managing a long-term care facility comes with unique challenges and responsibilities. We offer a comprehensive range of services that empower facility owners, administrators, and teams to excel in the complex world of long-term care management.

Therapy Management

Our Management team maximizes your therapy department’s clinical outcomes and increases revenue using our proven management model. With an extensive footprint throughout the continental US, our management team can quickly and seamlessly switch your building over to our systems. Once onboarded, your building and therapists will enjoy access to our experienced Regional Managers, specialized clinical resources, custom software solutions, and audit management.

Facility Management

As experienced operators, our expert staff takes over the management and operations for your skilled nursing facility or portfolio of buildings. Our staff uses extensive experience in the LTC industry to improve the quality of care and profitability from day one. Unlike most companies, all the back-end office work is done in-house to ensure that the team we bring to managing your assets is unified and focused solely on your success.

Clinical Oversight

Our team of clinical experts provides unparalleled clinical expertise for your facility or department. Smaller departments and facilities can suffer from the lack of resources which a larger company can bring to bear. Taking advantage of our clinical resources which include experts in therapy, nursing and administration can help your staff both in reviewing your current practices and to address specific clinical issues that arise. From mock surveys to policy reviews, let our experts help you become a leader in your area.

Audit Services

Our audit department is trained to manage all audit responses, whether it be to Medicare, HMO, or any other request for documentation. Our experts ensure that submissions are timely, complete, and most importantly, demonstrative of the skill in the services done. In addition, this department performs mock audits to ensure that the charts remain compliant and ready, should an audit request ever arise.

Back Office for Accounts Payable

Our back office handles all of your AP needs, from processing invoices to issuing payments, based on the criteria set by each individual operator. Our professional staff ensures that your books are up to date, reconciles bank statements, and assists in ensuring your financial reports are accurate and timely.

Accounts Receivable Management

Our AR team includes local finance specialists in each facility, overseen by experts from our back office. This setup ensures that each facility has a designated team member with the backing of our experienced billers to ensure a healthy collections rate. From insurance eligibility to processing billing and tracking payments, our billers ensure collection rates that often exceed 98%.


To supplement fiscal management in our facilities, our purchasing department is committed to finding the highest quality medical supplies for the lowest prices. Leveraging our purchasing power and GPOs, we are able to meet and exceed our clients’ PPD expectations across all purchasing categories.

Recruitment and Retention

Our recruitment and retention division handles all of your placement needs, from floor staff to management. We work with you to identify your priorities and budget, and ensure you get the staff you need when you need them. Once a candidate has been identified, our staff will walk them through the interview and offer process, staying in touch with the candidate until the day they start the job and often beyond.