The Stern Story

In the realm of long-term care, contract therapy companies face the challenge of balancing external management goals with catering to facility-specific needs.

Stern Consultants recognized this prevalent conflict and set out to redefine therapy services.

Our breakthrough came with the development of a unique contract that enabled our expert staff to take charge of day-to-day therapy department operations within each facility.

This granted our clients the advantages of a large therapy company while ensuring a tailored approach to their specific needs. With our team at the helm, every therapist seamlessly integrated into the facility’s team, no longer perceived as an outside provider working under contract.

As our reputation grew, nursing home chains sought our services for their entire portfolio of buildings, allowing our footprint to grow while remaining true to our mission and embracing each facility’s unique culture.

The outcome was transformative: elated facility owners, contented employees, and fulfilled residents. A win-win for all parties involved.

And that was just the beginning.

Our resounding success sparked increased demand, leading us to expand into comprehensive consulting areas, prompting Stern Therapy to expand its array of services. Building upon our already established recruiting, HR, and audit services, we ventured into comprehensive consulting in areas such as MDS oversight, billing, and purchasing services. By 2015, Stern Consultants became a full-service back office for skilled nursing facilities, offering a complete long-term care management package.

Today, Stern Consultants stands firmly positioned to meet the diverse needs of any long-term care facility. We stand as trusted partners empowering skilled nursing facilities with everything they need to thrive.

Meet Our Leadership

At the heart of our organization’s success stands an exceptional team of leaders whose diverse expertise and unwavering commitment drive our mission forward. With backgrounds spanning the healthcare spectrum, these accomplished professionals collectively embody a passion for excellence and a dedication to delivering top-tier services.

Tzali Stern

Founder and President

Chaim Millman

Chief Operating Officer and Founding Member

Ben Friedman

Chief Financial Officer

Deena Cohn

Director of Clinical Operations

Andrea Plew

Chief Nursing Officer

Aharon Wolf

Director of Operations

Avi Erblich

Senior Vice President of Operations

Boruch Sheps

Chief Administrative Officer

Atara Ritterman

Regional MDS Coordinator

Jennifer Morell

Director of Human Resources

Rommy Lipman

Director of Corporate Purchasing

Julie Hasson

Director of Recruitment